As one of the leading outdoor insurance providers, we understand that Wineries have their own sophisticated costs and management issues that need constant attention. Wine production includes so much more than growing and harvesting grapes. Our specialized team understands all risks and damages associated with wine production including weather-related risks, spoilage and leakage issues, risks and losses due to equipment management, chemical drifts, liquor liabilities, withdrawal losses, and employee-related insurance packages.

Regardless of the size of your business, our winery insurance experts not only tailor the insurance packages that meet your business needs, but also suggest plans to optimize your costs and risk management. Outdoor Insurance Services is currently offering the following coverage plans to meet your winery risk management requirements. We offer a wide range of coverage plans for all winery related areas from agricultural to in-process and finished products.

• Chemical drifts coverage
• Weather and natural disaster coverage
• Harvest coverage
• Liquor liability coverage
• Equipment damage and replacement coverage
• Freight and transport coverage
• Staff fraud Coverage
• Skill recruitment coverage
• Accident coverage plans
• Leakage and spoilage coverage
• Product withdrawal coverage

To discuss more details about our winery coverage plans, visit our website, or feel free to call us at 888.330.0661 and set up an appointment with one of winery insurance experts.