Despite being largely recreational in nature, guns and archery ranges involves the use of weapons obviously. This kind of recreational activity involves several risks and require special coverage plans that can cater to such risks. Outdoor Insurance Services provides gun and archery range coverage covers a wide variety of large, small, indoor, outdoor, private and public shooting facilities. From covering unforeseen accidents to weapon damages, OIS has dedicated plans that can cover a large variety of risks in guns and archery range businesses.

Some of our key coverage plans include:
• General liability
• Property coverage
• Accident coverage
• Equipment coverage
• Crime and terrorism coverage
• Worker’s compensation coverage
• Medical insurance

Our dedicated insurance consultants and agents have the experience in insuring and devising customized plans for guns and archery ranges Our flexible payment plans and coverage options make us one of the top outdoor insurance companies in the U.S. Feel free free to call us today at 888.330.0661.


Gun and Archery Range Insurance