Golf courses and country clubs are one of the most beautiful and serene places you can be. That said, like all recreational facilities, golf courses come with their own fair share of risks. Outdoor Insurance services understand the risks faced by business running golf course facilities and provide customized insurance plans to meet the business needs. OIS understands that maintaining safety at golf course facilities is one of the most critical concerns. Other than that maintaining expansive golf properties such as golf carts, and golf lawns incur huge costs.

OIS is proud to offer the following coverage plans to cover risks associated with your golf course facility.

• Property coverage
• Medical Insurance
• Commercial property coverage
• Liquor liability
• Debris removal coverage
• Coverage for putting greens, fairways and teeboxes
• Accident coverage
• Employee practice liability
• Umbrella coverage
• Vehicle insurance

Whether you are worried for costly landscaping options or replacement of your golf carts. We have insurance solutions for all your golf course facility risks at a call away. Give us a call at today 888.330.0661


Golf Course and Country Club Insurance