There is so much exhaustive effort and planning that goes into perfecting craft breweries and achieving that perfect blend , whether it’s bourbon or vodka. When it comes to insuring distilleries and breweries, it requires the same level of sophisticated and comprehensive tailoring so that an optimal coverage plan be ensured. Unfortunately, the concept of insurance and craft breweries and distilleries is very novel for most insurance providers. We, at Outdoor Insurance Services understand the demand of the niche and have the right blend of expertise and tailor made coverage plans for your distillery.

OIS offers a wide range of insurance and risk management plans for small and large scale distillery businesses some of which include:

• Property coverage
• Equipment coverage
• Loss valuation plans
• Inventory coverage
• Contamination coverage
• Accident coverage plans
• Transit coverage plans
• General liability
• Liquor liability
• Pollution liability
• Employee practice liability
• Leakage and spoilage cover

Other than the aforementioned insurance plans, our distillery insurance experts can guide you through our customized need-specific coverage plans that are better suited to your business dynamics. Call us today and speak with one of our consultants at 888.330.0661.