Outdoor Insurance Services Inc., ” OIS ” is a company based on the experience and reputation of a number of seasoned, well experienced insurance executives from some of the nations largest insurance company’s with a wealth of experience both on the corporate and entrepreneurial side. Our executives experience runs deep in the insurance industry with expertise in the following areas:

-risk mamgement
-adjusting services
-insurance sales
-financial planning
-business planning
-legal consulting

OIS also has strategic relationships and partnerships that assist in the above areas where necessary.

Mission Statement: Outdoor Insurance Services affords knowledge, power and authority to those seeking such through the transfer of products and services associated with the insurance industry.

Mission – OIS seeks to administer, guide and direct consumers both private and public on insurance related purchases, matters, concerns and activities by providing support, knowledge and solutions. In short OIS wants to connect the dots, educate and transfer knowledge associated with the insurance industry to others. In the insurance industry consumers transfer risk for a price, at OIS we transfer products, services and knowledge to consumers. Our consumers are made up of private and public entities that count on our services to make or keep them whole.

Objective: At OIS we aspire to be the best in the industry, sharing and providing the best products and services to our customers so they can be their best. Simpy put ” we want to educate our customers, prepare them and provide to them the knowledge, products and tools to succeed! ”

Statement: OIS takes the responsibility of providing insurance products and services to customers serious business! We want to protect our customers, prepare our customers and educate them. Identification, risk planning, mitigation and indemnification are our primary goals in preserving our clients needs.

Moment of Truth: OIS realizes that when it matters the most, we will be there for our clients. Weather it’s claim time, consultation time or just a adverse scenario, this is where OIS stands tall for the client. Our mitigation and claims strategies work for our clients.